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Blister backing cards, also known as blister cards or blister packaging cards, are flat pieces of cardboard or paperboard that serve as the backing or support for products encased in blister packaging. Blister backing cards are an integral part of blister packaging, providing a platform for displaying the products and offering space for branding, product information, graphics, and other relevant details.

Blister Card Types

  1. Clamshell Blister Cards Packaging: These consist of a clear, hinged cover that encloses the product, providing maximum visibility while ensuring security.

  2. Face Seal Blister Cards Packaging: In this design, the product is sealed against a printed card, allowing consumers to view the product from the front.

  3. Slide Blister Cards Packaging: These blister cards have a sliding mechanism that exposes the product when pushed, creating an interactive and eye-catching packaging solution.

  4. Trapped Blister Cards Packaging: Products are securely trapped between two blister cards, offering enhanced protection and visibility.

Product Visibility  & Retail Impact

Blister cards packaging are designed to showcase products effectively. They allow customers to see the product while safeguarding it from tampering and damage. This transparency builds trust and allows consumers to evaluate the product before purchase.


Blister cards packaging play a pivotal role in enhancing product shelf presence. Their clear and well-organized presentation attracts consumers, making it easier for them to make informed purchasing decisions. Eye-catching blister card packaging can significantly influence buying choices.

Blister Cards Suppliers - Customization Options

Tailor your blister cards packaging to match your brand identity and product needs:

  • Card Shape: Choose from various shapes to create a unique visual impact.

  • Blister Shape: Customize the shape of the blister to fit your product perfectly.

  • Printing: Add branding, logos, product information, and eye-catching graphics using high-quality printing techniques.

  • Hanging Options: Opt for hang tabs or euro slots to display your blister cards packaging conveniently in retail settings.

Retail and Consumer Electronics Uses

Blister cards packaging are widely used in industries such as:

  • Retail: They are popular for packaging a wide range of retail products, including toys, small electronics, and personal care items.

  • Consumer Electronics: Blister cards packaging are commonly used for packaging items like headphones, chargers, and electronic accessories.



This blister card features:

  • 6 colour printing

  • 2 ply corrugation

  • Locking design

Colgate Ved Shakti

This blister card features:

  • 6 colour printing

  • 2 ply corrugation

  • Locking design


Colgate Gum Expert

This blister card features:

  • 6 colour printing

  • 2 ply corrugation

  • Locking design



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