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Team Kumar were delighted to be able to partner with Grants Distinction and develop the promotional “Grants Distinction Jam Station Pack” rigid box. 

Kumar Printers provided Grants with three specially designed packs, each of which was designed to hold a bottle of Grants Distinction Whisky and a Grants branded whisky glass. Each pack of the trio was also designed to hold one additional item: a cocktail stirrer, a jigger (bar measure) or a can of ginger ale. The packs were designed with an attractive metallised finish and bar themed graphics on the outside.

The strategically placed windows provided dual functionality. At the point of sale they provided a clear view of the whisky bottle, glasses and promotional items. Once the customer had purchased all three unique packs, the windows and removable sections could be detached allowing the cartons to be assembled into a portable DIY bar, perfect for

picnics and parties on the go. The windows now served as spaces to securely hold the glasses and bottles with additional space to place the jigger and stirrer, the whole bar being held together with a provided belt.

This rigid box design seamlessly blended form and function, serving as an example of design that is attractive while providing unexpected and innovative functionality.

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