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Litho Laminated Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated cartons, commonly known as corrugated boxes or simply cardboard boxes, are a type of packaging made from a material known as corrugated fiberboard. These boxes are widely used for shipping, transporting, and storing various products due to their strength, durability, and versatility. Corrugated cartons consist of three layers: an inner and outer layer of flat paperboard (often referred to as linerboard) and a central layer of fluted paper known as the corrugating medium. These boxes are prized across various industries for their versatility, providing robust protection for contents while offering remarkable branding opportunities.

Corrugated Box Suppliers - Product Range

  1. Die-Cut Mailer Boxes: Designed with precise cutouts and easy assembly, these boxes are perfect for e-commerce businesses.

  2. Retail Display Boxes: Customizable for branding and product display, these boxes are ideal for retail environments.

  3. Custom Litho Laminated Boxes: These boxes feature high-quality litho laminated printing, making them perfect for showcasing premium products.

  4. Triple Wall Corrugated Boxes: Designed for heavyweight and large items, they offer superior protection during transit.

Our litho laminated and corrugated boxes are engineered to withstand the rigors of shipping and storage. The corrugated structure provides exceptional crush resistance and stacking strength, ensuring your products remain intact even in demanding conditions.

Litho laminated printing elevates your packaging with vibrant, high-resolution graphics. This process allows for intricate details, making your branding and product images pop, enhancing the overall appeal of your products. Customize your boxes with logos, branding, colors, and artwork that align with your brand identity. We offer full-color printing and various finishes to achieve the look you desire.


We are committed to sustainable packaging practices. Our boxes are crafted using eco-friendly materials, and we employ responsible manufacturing processes to minimize environmental impact, supporting your sustainability goals.


Corrugated Cardboard Packaging Industry Applications

  • Retail: Our retail display boxes create eye-catching in-store presentations.

  • Food: Corrugated boxes are FDA-compliant and suitable for packaging food items.

  • Electronics: Secure and durable packaging for electronics during shipping.

  • E-commerce: Custom mailer boxes offer a seamless unboxing experience for online shoppers.



This corrugated carton features:

  • 6 colour printing

  • 2 ply corrugation

  • Locking design


This corrugated carton features:

  • 6 colour printing

  • 2 ply corrugation

  • Locking design



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