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Mono Carton Box Packaging

Folding box are a versatile and indispensable packaging solution used across various industries. These box are designed to provide efficient storage, transportation, and protection for products while also serving as a canvas for branding and product information.

Folding Carton Packaging Types

  1. Straight Tuck End Box: These boxes are easy to assemble and feature straight tuck ends, making them suitable for a wide range of products, from cosmetics to consumer electronics.

  2. Reverse Tuck End Box: With reversed tuck ends for secure closure, these boxes are ideal for pharmaceuticals and health products.

  3. Sleeve Box: Sleeve box consist of an outer sleeve that slides over an inner tray, providing an elegant presentation for luxury items and gifts.

  4. Windowed Box: These boxes feature clear windows, allowing consumers to view the product inside, making them perfect for food packaging, toys, and cosmetics.

  5. Mono Box: Simple and sturdy, mono boxes are often used for pharmaceutical packaging, ensuring product safety and compliance

Space Efficiency & Product Safety

Folding boxes are designed for space optimization. They can be flat-packed, significantly reducing storage and transportation costs. Once assembled, they efficiently utilize shelf space, maximizing the display of your products. Folding box also provide a secure packaging solution, protecting contents from external factors and tampering. Tamper-evident features can be added to enhance safety.

Mono Carton Box Supplier- Pharmaceutical and FMCG Industry

  • Pharmaceuticals: Mono boxes are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for packaging medications, ensuring accurate dosage and safety.

  • Cosmetics: Folding boxes are ideal for cosmetics, offering an attractive presentation and protection for beauty products.

  • FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods): These boxes are perfect for a range of FMCG products, including food items, personal care products, and household goods.

Customization Features for Folding Cartons

Tailor your boxes to suit your brand and product needs:

  • Sizes: Choose from various sizes to accommodate your product dimensions.

  • Materials: Select from a range of eco-friendly, recyclable materials that align with your sustainability goals.

  • Printing: Add branding, logos, graphics, and artwork using various printing techniques.

  • Coatings and Finishes: Enhance your carton's appearance with options like matte or glossy coatings, embossing, and foil stamping.


Teachers 50 Scottish Reserve

This mono cartons features:

  • 6 colour printing

  • Embossing

  • Foiling

  • Raised UV

  • Window pasting

Grants Whisky

This mono carton features:

  • Self locking handle design

  • Window pasting with edged windows 

  • 6 colour printing


Becozinc tablets

This mono carton features:

  • Metpet lamination

  • 6 colour printing

  • Embossing

Nestle Lactogen

This mono carton features:

  • 6 colour printing

  • Embossing



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